my angel investments as of March 2023

Having a bit of luck with business gave me the opportunity to invest in some amazing startups and funds. My investment strategy was vertical agnostic, but mostly SaaS. I focused on pre-Seed, Seed, and Seed Extension rounds. I made my decisions based on (1) team (2) TAM and (3) traction.

Investments include: Alto Pharmacy (Seed); (Series A); (Seed); Fathom Video (Seed); Gorgias (Series B); Alba Orbital (Seed); CaptivateIQ (Series B); Deel (Series B/C); (Series A); Canvas (Seed); Navattic (Seed); (Seed); Cointracker (Series A); DEX Screener (Seed); Maverick (Seed); Givebutter (Seed); CreatorDAO (Seed); (Seed); Intelliga Health (Pre-Seed); Menda Health (Pre-Seed); Meeko Health (Pre-Seed);

I’m also an LP in Initialized Capital (Fund VI) and Pioneer Fund (Alumni Fund 2022).

I made the decision to stop (or at least give a long pause) to angel investing due to market conditions inflating the valuations of Pre-Seed and Seed stage companies. Seems like it's a VC fund's game now, and I don't feel like angels or even micro VC are being "paid appropriately to take risk". No malice, and best of luck to all the startups and VC out there!